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Ezy Features & Services!

We offer a highly functional and user-friendly freelance work engagement portal that helps Liaison between Customers and Freelancers – Successful On time Projects with transparent and Competitive Pricing.

Transparent Pricing

Relationships are built on Trust – No Hidden Fees & No Surprises…
Everything Upfront and Clear …

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We go an extra mile for Customers by providing Value Added Services (VAS)……

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EZY Sourcing

Browse and search potential candidates for your job that match you, save job....

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Task Level Management

Keep tabs on the work at each stage of the process. This way you can be clear the work is on the right track.

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Built-in Timesheets & Invoices

No need to manage your own dedicated invoicing service or timesheet systems. Handle it all in one place at EZY.

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Access Resources Globally or Locally

Why limit yourself to freelancers in your local area? Expand your talent pool to include qualified resources all over the world.

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We Support US Veterans and Military Spouses

We believe our platform can serve as a valuable tool for veterans who have served our country and are looking to integrate back into civilian life. We understand this is a difficult task for many veterans, and we are eager to welcome back those who have given so much for us. That’s why, for US veterans, we make signing up for EZY Freelance even more affordable.

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Easy to connect

What EZY Clients Say?

Read Reviews by our Clients

EZY Freelance is very easy to use!

I have come across this brand-new freelancing portal, and it is awesome. As the name says, it is very easy to register and navigate through the site and bid for jobs. They have simple straightforward pricing model, and most importantly, as a Freelancer, I do not pay any project fee. I have completed two separate jobs on this. The project service fee (15%) is billed directly to the Customer, and not deducted from my rate. I get what I bid for! There are no hidden costs, other than normal transaction fees for Paypal or wire transfer. I am a seasoned freelance Legal service provider, and I feel that this is an excellent Freelancing site, compared to all other established portals we have now.

Gulnaz , Preachlex Global Solutions
Legal Attorney

EZY Freelance saved me $$

EZY Freelance saved me $$. They don’t deduct fee from my bid price, isn’t this wonderful?. I did a website landing page redesign job through Ezy site, and it went very smooth compared to my jobs on other portals. I could create several tasks for my work and take client feedback at each step, so we are in sync. I love this site guys.

Creative Developer

EZY Freelance helped me to save $9K in my flooring work!!

I had carpet in my second floor and staircase which was pretty worn out as we have 3 kids. I wanted to change it to wooden flooring. First, I contacted the companies that advertise on TV, as they offered $100 ~ $200 credit. They quoted me $16 k just for the floors and not including the carpet removal and finishing of my stairs. Then I heard of EZY Freelance and went through this website and found contractors for lot cheaper price. EZY helped me find a good contractor but also helped through the engagement to completion. I saved about $9 K and finished my project under $7 K. Please see my finished product for the kind of service I received. I also found that EZY Freelance has lot variety freelance service providers, that can help with most of the works that we need around house. I would recommend EZY Freelance then other freelancing sites.

Ramki , RVA Physical Therapy

Finally, I found a good freelancing platform.

Finally, I found a good freelancing platform. I have tried other freelancing sites but, it is so easy to work with Ezy Freelance. The portal is very user friendly and everything is managed perfectly. I did one gig on this, creating a Logo for a client, and surprised to learn that the project fee is not deducted from my rate. I see this is a very new company, but it has good features, which helped me to engage with customer. I can’t wait to find more jobs here. Thank you Ezy Freelance.

Web Designer

EZY Settlement

EZY Freelance gives an excellent settlement process, where you have options to minimize the transaction charges while getting paid.

  • You can combine payments from multiple invoices into a single settlement, thereby paying only one-time transaction charges
  • You can opt for release of approved settlements as per EZY payment schedule or as and when you need it

We Support Our Veterans

We greatly value our Veterans, and we provide freelancing opportunities to all our Veterans.

  • Our Veterans can enjoy free registration and Zero account maintenance charges.
  • We have a reduced Service Fee on all projects posted by our Veterans.

Access Resources Globally or Locally

EZY Freelance provides the option for Freelancers to accept work from anywhere. But if you want to limit your search to freelancers in your country or locality, we can do that too. Our goal is to make finding the right resource for your job as easy as possible, regardless of where they live and work.

Built-in Timesheets & Invoices

  • For freelancers, EZY Freelance provides the tools needed to submit timesheets and invoices, saving you the time and hassle of maintaining a separate system. Invoice system is integrated with Timesheets or Deliverables, making it easy to submit invoices for specific project.
  • For customers, EZY Freelance provides an easy way to view all the hours your resources have put in and keep track of invoices. Invoice coming from your Freelancer will indicate whether it is based on timesheets or deliverables (which you would have already approved). If needed, you can then download and export this invoice information for your accounting purposes.
  • We’ve baked all of this functionality directly into the website so that you can spend more time focused on your work.

Task Level Management

When you start a new relationship with a freelancer, how do you know they will deliver the kind of product you expect?

When you create a job using EZY Freelance, you have the option to break the project down into tasks. When your freelancer completes a task, they can submit that work to you for approval. This way you know at every step along the way whether the project is proceeding in the right direction, until the deliverable is ready.

While you and your freelancer can check in after every task, money doesn’t exchange hands until the final delivery of the product.

EZY Sourcing

If you have a complex project, or you have no time/resource to manage it, EZY Freelance can provide you complete packaged solution, where we take ownership of your entire project and deliver it meeting requirements. The engagement is very simple,

  • You reach out to EZY freelance.
  • We work with you to understand your needs/expectations and give you a proposal.
  • Once approved, we kick off the project.
  • We engage best resources to start work on your project.
  • We will manage the project using a combination of in-house and global freelance resources.
  • Our project leads will give you regular updates.
  • We give the final walk-through to demonstrate the completed work.
  • You sign off the project and funds are released.

Interested to learn more? Please Contact:


Why consider EZY Freelance over a larger, well-established site? We do more than connect you with freelancers. We want to make accomplishing your goals as easy as possible through VAS.

What VAS-by-EZY Freelance Can Do For You

  • Help define project scope and requirements
  • Select freelancers and, if needed, conduct background checks
  • Manage all or part of a project
  • Perform quality assurance
  • Provide ongoing maintenance
  • Manage deliverables
  • Provide reliable staff
  • Any other related service…

Contact: for further details.

Transparent Pricing

  • We are upfront …our fee structure is simple as given in our Payment Terms
  • Customers are charged a flat one time service fee for each of their projects.
  • When customer accept the work done by freelancer and approves the invoice, EZY Freelance takes its service fee, and releases payment to Freelancer.
  • Freelancers get all what they bid for…no commission taken by EZY

This way we all can rest assured that the customer is satisfied with the project work and also the freelancer is remunerated in a timely manner.

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