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Got a project idea?

We’ll help you transform your idea into a reliable, innovative, and competitive solution. We help our clients unlock the potential of their business by providing expert-level planning, development & support through our EZY Features & Services.

Experiencing resource crunch?

Reduce costs and save your time by hiring experienced dedicated freelancers. We’ll help you strengthen your in-house and fulfill the gaps in your existing projects.

Use EZY experts as an extension to your team.

Supplement your team using our proven experts who can help you with Project Viability:
Scoping > Project Management > Implementation > Market Delivery > Support & Maintenance.


During these years of work, our experts have helped hundreds of companies across the globe to become more efficient.
We have implemented more than 200 software solutions – from being there on day one with bootstrapped startups, some of
whom eventually grew to be acquired or turned into successful businesses, to collaborating with large multi-million dollar organizations.

SEO Services

Search engine optimization belongs to the category of universal promotion techniques that can work for both branding and sales. Besides the development itself, we assist companies in promoting their business, boosting organic traffic, building brand loyalty, and increasing the demand for clients’ products and services. We’ll accelerate your company visibility in search engines by providing accurate on-page and off-page website optimization.

  • Website audit
  • Advanced link building & paid links acquisition
  • Tech website optimization
  • Setting up of a semantic core
  • Metadata optimization
  • Configuring correct website indexing
  • Setting up Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc
  • Ongoing support & monthly reporting, etc

Custom Software Development

Our custom software development services help you improve your work processes, reach business goals, exceed competitors, and strengthen company position on the market. Each product we create is designed to be intuitive, and easily integrates with existing solutions, and exceeds clients’ expectations. We are aimed to ensure you receive a robust custom software developed for your specific company requirements.

  • Custom software solutions for startups
  • Custom software for SMEs companies
  • Large scale custom enterprise solutions, etc

AI, ML and Big Data

The potential of artificial intelligence is limitless. In business, AI has achieved significant success in customer service, business automation, sales, marketing, and many other spheres. With the experience of creating cutting edge AI and ML-based software, we successfully generate ideas and implement innovative products in your business to make it more competitive and efficient.

Instead of looking for perspectives to come, we build your own way to personalization, bigger number of sales, customer loyalty, and business sustainability.

  • Processes automation
  • Big data & data analytics
  • Sales forecasting
  • Personalization & marketing
  • AI-powered A/B testing
  • Predictive analytics for accurate cost-saving decisions
  • Risk-based assessment and monitoring, etc

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Why EZY Freelance?

Skilled Freelancers

Our pool of freelancing professionals is made up of highly skilled and knowledgeable resources who’re always available to deliver the best.

Better control on project deliverables

Using our engagement model you have access to a talented resource pool as and when you need. We provide clear progress visibility and meet your expectations with periodic checkpoints to ensure successful delivery.

Diverse Domain Expertise

The diverse areas of our clients’ businesses encourage us to expand the range of services offered and to replenish our resource pool & strengthen our domain diversity. The unique needs of each project require unique solutions. That’s why we strive to provide world class solutions using our focused approach.


We have been working with EZY Freelance for the past year. Overall, we have good experience and value for money. The online presence of our business had certainly boosted in terms of search visibility, and we were actually very happy to see more traffic from the vast variety of acquisition channels. Whenever we outsourced a project to them, they exceeded our expectations. Their SEO & Marketing team is very creative, knowledgeable, and responsive. I am so happy with EZY Freelance, who offers great quality services for affordable prices. I recommend this company as the best SEO service provider.

Kirtsy Gladwell,
Founder of Ferry Travel

Choosing EZY Freelance is actually the best decision for me. They were completely immersed in the key requirements of my project. They came up with solutions that bring us desired results. Their approach to solving any issues is extremely responsible. I’ve never met such vendors! They visited our facilities to get a sense of how our operators work and asked the right questions. They watched our employees interact with the system to make improvements. Their responsiveness, consistent communication, and level of involvement and dedication were excellent. It was a pleasure to work with EZY Freelance, who promptly responded and delivered the quality product for my manufacturing project. I will definitely get back to them for more upcoming projects!

Andrew Young,
Head of Quality Assurance at Cam Tran

I have recently moved over SEO operations to EZY Freelance, our local company in Richmond VA, as the previous company not doing a good job. In addition to SEO work, EZY Freelance is also helping me with both my RVA and WHPT websites enhancements, essential integrations. In addition to typical SEO work, EZY is also doing phenomenal Social Media advertisement, which showed quick tangible results by bringing in new patients. Through their Value-Added Services, they are providing project management support, and dedicated team to handle RVA work. They also help identifying and providing suitable experienced resources for all my brochures and other freelancing needs.

Ramky Kavaserry,
Director and Senior Physical Therapist at RVA Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab

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