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Archive for "October, 2019"

EZY Freelance Is the Only Freelancing Platform You Need

You don’t need a thousand freelancers. You need the one that can get the job done. At EZY Freelance, we connect you with that freelancer, and we make the process easy. We want freelancing to be simple for both the customer and the freelancer. That’s why we’ve built a user-friendly portal for sharing projects, finding […]

Why You Need to Hire a Freelancer

You run a small business or startup. Some months are tight. Or you are big company, where you cannot move things fast. Some months are tighter. Why should you think about hiring a freelancer? Well, that’s precisely the reason you should. Hiring a new employee takes time and resources. You may not have the time […]

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Freelancer

We would love for you to hire a freelancer. We think that’s such a great idea that we’ve built a platform to assist you in the process. But hiring a freelancer is not the best approach for every situation. There are pros and cons to consider, so let’s discuss a few. Pro: Freelancers Save You […]
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