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Features that truly make everyone’s life EZY!

EZY freelance will help you manage your jobs in a more controlled way. The task level management feature is available to monitor your situation step-by-step to ensure the final deliverable meets the expectations. Deliverable management: Manage your job with the tools and skills of a professional project manager. Built-in task level management: Task level management […]

Tips to stay motivated while freelancing

Motivation is crucial for any job. As a freelancer, you have more freedom than most traditional employees, but that freedom can turn into a disadvantage pretty quickly because you have to rely on yourself for motivation. If you find yourself postponing that task you have to complete or if you often find yourself lacking energy […]

The Benefits of Hiring Freelancers for your Business

Summary The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is posing a massive impact on financial and staffing challenges for corporates. Most of the enterprises are now looking for skilled man-force even from the unorganized sector to ensure they survive the crisis. The freelance community stands strong and is ready to help your business. Hiring freelancers come with huge […]

Getting hired as a freelancer

How do I find projects, market myself, and get hired? These are the most important questions to answer as a freelancer. Freelancers have the additional onus of being their own recruiter and marketer. The responsibility of finding projects, marketing your skills and getting hired all fall on the freelancer themselves. Your profile as a freelancer […]
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