3 Freelancer Etiquette Tips for Newcomers

What do customers look for in a freelancer? Here are a few basic steps you can take to show you’re a competent freelancer.

1. Complete Your Profile

For starters, be up front about what you know and what you’ve done. While you don’t have to provide a full resume, it helps to have a profile page that lists your skills, previous experience, and level of education.With this information readily accessible, customers can see if you’re a possible fit for a job before initiating a conversation.You may or may not have your own personal website. On EZY Freelance, you don’t have to put in that extra work. When you create an account, your first steps are to fill out your profile. The more details you provide, the more attractive you become to customers.

2. Ask Questions

When you work with a customer, you’re often establishing a relationship for the first time. The two of you may not yet have an established work history.When that is the case, customers have to trust that the end result you deliver is what they actually want. Rather than deliver an unsatisfactory product, if you communicate throughout the process, you’re more likely to discover issues as they arise.

3. Deliver on Time

Suffice to say, no one wants to wait around for work that’s behind schedule. When a customer sets a deadline, meet it. This shows that you’re reliable and increases your likelihood of getting repeat work.EZY Freelance values your success. With these tips, we hope you are able to land jobs again and again.