About Us

Our mission

We want to make freelancing engagements as easy as possible, since this is going to be our future way of working. We want to accomplish this by building an environment that is:

  • User friendly
  • Trustworthy to conduct business in confidence
  • Provides value added services to assist Customers to be successful in their mission

Why EZY Freelance?

We strongly believe that “Freelancing is the Future” way of working for all of us.

The current working culture of 9 to 5 sitting at a desk in an office environment is not sustainable, as it is inherently against the core of human nature. We are all free-willed individuals, and we all want to have a healthy work-life balance. Companies can also save a lot by engaging freelancers to execute their works, rather than having full-time employees sitting in an office.  Freelancing work model gives an excellent opportunity for individuals to have work-life balance and meet their personal goals and objectives. Organizations also can save anywhere between 20 to 45% or higher, if they can effectively plan and use freelancers.

While there are obvious advantages in using freelance workforce, people and organizations are hesitant to wholly embrace this concept – not because of lack of skilled resources or availability of freelancing websites, but it is due to the lack of trust and confidence in the current freelancing portals and how these services are handled through them. There is lot of mistrust, transparency issues, and lack of good features and functionalities to manage the jobs efficiently.

We have developed EZY Freelance addressing these core issues to make it easy for people to confidently engage in freelancing activities. We are offering a new way, with transparent and competitive pricing structure, and with several features that can help your freelancing experience. Learn more about our features and services here. Please join our EZY Partners or EZY Experts team by Registering.