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Mentoring helps Freelancers

Freelancing has many perks and can be so freeing and fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. In fact, anyone who does freelance work for a living will be quick to tell you that it can be downright hard at times. No, it’s not all about working on passion projects in the comfort of […]

Freelancing and Gigs. What are the pros?

Freelance careers offer many benefits, including the flexibility and freedom to do what you love and work from almost anywhere (with WiFi, of course!), but is it the right career option for you? Freelancers need to be self-motivated, organized, and able to keep themselves on-task regardless of distractions. Before you take the leap, here are […]

Soft skills every freelancer should possess

Anyone who has tried being a freelancer knows how vast the required skill set can be. Soft skills can aid a person in a particular job. While these are not absolutely crucial for a job, they are extremely helpful and can make all the difference between success and failure. Whether a freelancer is preparing to […]

Strategies for successful freelancing

Whether you’ve freelanced for years or are contemplating a late-career switch to becoming a self-employed freelancer, there are a few ways to boost your chances of success. Here are three ways to maximize your freelance earning potential by taking advantage of current freelance trends: FOCUS ON ONE FREELANCE PLATFORM– Start with one freelancing platform and […]

Importance of networking for freelancers

One of the greatest freelancing challenges is the basic need to network. If you can’t maintain a healthy network as a freelancer, you’ll likely struggle to attract new customers. The problem can be simply stated as such: when you’re working on your own, it can be hard to know where to start and develop a […]

How we make freelancing EZY!

EZY Freelance is not the only online freelancing platform or job board out there. Freelancing can be the best source of flexible jobs for working professionals in various lines of work: writing, coding, editing, to name a few. There is more than one reason why work flexibility is wonderful, but among the most compelling is […]

Freelancing – a new wave of Employment

The COVID-19 pandemic’s influence will likely not result in companies replacing full-time workers with freelance economy participants, but it may create an atmosphere in which firms’  awareness and consideration of freelance resources increases and gives raise to some smaller project opportunities. Figuring out how that would look means examining the virus’s short-term impacts, as not […]

Overcoming hurdles faced by freelancers

Being a Freelancer is a great way to turn your talent or hobby into a source of income. You have the liberty to apply for the jobs that you like or have the skills for. The positives that come with being a freelancer have been extolled in many blogs and by many professionals who are […]

Features that truly make everyone’s life EZY!

EZY freelance will help you manage your jobs in a more controlled way. The task level management feature is available to monitor your situation step-by-step to ensure the final deliverable meets the expectations. Deliverable management: Manage your job with the tools and skills of a professional project manager. Built-in task level management: Task level management […]

Tips to stay motivated while freelancing

Motivation is crucial for any job. As a freelancer, you have more freedom than most traditional employees, but that freedom can turn into a disadvantage pretty quickly because you have to rely on yourself for motivation. If you find yourself postponing that task you have to complete or if you often find yourself lacking energy […]
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