Embrace the future with EZY Freelance

The modern economy is in transition. The 20th century model in countries like the United States, where workers sell their labor to a single employer (who in-turn provides them with health-care and other benefits), is gradually eroding away. Fewer workers want or are able to secure such jobs, and employers are providing fewer benefits. Increasingly, workers are turning toward freelance work. In a way, this transition isn’t anything new.

“This is the way work used to be,” EZY Freelance CEO Rao Jammi said during one of the company’s November 10th information sessions in Henrico, VA. “Work changed for a while, but now we’re going back to the way things were.”

EZY Freelance sees itself as part of that change. There are people who want to do freelance work, and there are people who need jobs done, but how do they find each other? Word of mouth only goes so far. It helps to have to have a centralized place to place jobs and find work. EZY Freelance can be that place.

There are many upsides to freelance work. People have more control over their hours and, by extension, their personal lives.

“You can’t get a hold of them on the weekends,” Jammi said, speaking on the freedom some freelancers have to set their own time.

This autonomy is key. In the gig economy, where people tend to get paid by the job rather than receive a salary, many find satisfaction in the work they do. Even though work isn’t guaranteed and there’s no one providing benefits, those who have made the lifestyle work often would not give up the freedom and autonomy they have towards their work.

This contrasts greatly with the employed workforce. During that day’s sessions, attendees viewed slides about the high degree of disengagement among most employed workers. Most employees feel disconnected from the work they’re doing. They don’t see their work as valuable, or they don’t feel valued by their company. For employers, this means only a minority of those hired are bringing their best work.

That’s not to say that everyone should transition to freelance work right away. In the US in particular, health-care costs remain a key issue. As one attendee mentioned, public proposals to provide universal healthcare would empower many more people who are currently on the fence to start working freelance.

Yet for those who like the security of full-time employment, freelancing on the side still offers the means to turn a passion into a paid professional skill. That, ultimately, is part of the beauty of freelance work. Even if you need the money, the decision of how you spend your time is, at the end of the day, yours to make.

EZY Freelance has a global reach, but it seeks to build in-roads in local communities where the need is strongest. We invite you to take part. Sign up now or reach out to us at info@ezyfreelance.com.