EZY Freelance Is the Only Freelancing Platform You Need

You don’t need a thousand freelancers. You need the one that can get the job done. At EZY Freelance, we connect you with that freelancer, and we make the process easy.

We want freelancing to be simple for both the customer and the freelancer. That’s why we’ve built a user-friendly portal for sharing projects, finding work, managing tasks, and getting paid. Customers and freelancers can communicate entirely on the platform, managing projects at a single destination from start to finish.

But you only have to be that hands-on if you want to be.

We understand that not everyone has the expertise necessary to know how to ask for what they need. Your businesses needs a web page, but you aren’t a web designer. You aren’t a content writer. You don’t design logos or take photos. You don’t know the jargon. Where do you begin?

We hear you. With our EZYSourcing model, we can take the work off your hands. Let us find and communicate with freelancers on your behalf, so that your focus can remain on your core business.

EZY Freelance can serve as your single point of contact. We speak the language. You come to us with a need, and we’ll make sure it gets met.

Our management team has over 150 years of experience spread across diverse industries. We’ve worked in information technology, process plants, retail and heavy engineering. We’ve managed projects and programs. We know how to source skilled resources to tackle tough challenges. We’ve worked in engineering and technology start-ups, so we know what it takes when your company is young and scrappy.

We also have our own pool of professional freelancers across various fields who work with us exclusively to provide Value Added Services that will save you time, money, and headache.

That, after all, is what we’re here to do. We’re here to make finding help easier, so that you can continue to run a business that thrives.

We bring this same commitment to freelancers. The EZY Freelance platform provides a place to find and bid for work in your local area and around the world. When you’re freelancing, work isn’t guaranteed. That’s why it helps to have a platform where you can find a regular stream of work. Your skills are valuable, and together, we can work to turn those talents into a more successful business.

Ready to get started? You can sign up either as a customer or a freelancer for free. Need help? You can reach out to us via our contact page.