Features that truly make everyone’s life EZY!

EZY freelance will help you manage your jobs in a more controlled way. The task level management feature is available to monitor your situation step-by-step to ensure the final deliverable meets the expectations.

Deliverable management: Manage your job with the tools and skills of a professional project manager.

Built-in task level management: Task level management gives the ability to manage your job as it progresses through a series of tasks, and you can make adjustments along the way to ensure the end deliverable will be satisfactory to both parties.

Built-in timesheets help you track hours spent on the job for each task and deliverable. You will be able to submit it for the customer’s approval. Subsequently, an invoice can be generated in the portal for all approved timesheets. You can submit invoices directly based on the task completed, for deliverable-based projects. Everything in one place!

Task level management:

Keeping tabs on work at each stage of the process makes the work itself process oriented and more streamlined. Managing a job by creating milestone based deliverables and creating individual tasks makes each milestone easy to manage and track.

  • A freelancer can submit a completed task when they are seeking approval for customer review.
  • Rest assured your project is on-track – you will be able to review the completion of all tasks, which will indicate the status of deliverables through task management.
  • Payments linked to approvals: unless the customer approves timesheets and invoices, payments are not released.

Built-In Timesheets and Invoices

With the EZY portal, there is no need to manage your timesheets or your own personal invoice system. EZY will handle this for you at no additional cost.

With EZY’s built-in timesheet functions, it makes it easier for both customers and freelancers. You can spend  time focusing on the job, and make it easier to submit/review/approve timesheets and invoices.

  • EZY customers can easily track their invoices and job sheets.
  • Approve and view all the timesheets for your Freelancers.
  • Download and Export invoice information for accounting purposes.
  • EZY freelancers can create invoices and timesheets using built-in tools to create and submit timesheets and invoices, saving you the time and hassle of maintaining a separate invoice system.
  • Create a separate time sheet for each job.
  • Invoice amounts are calculated automatically once the hourly rate is selected and timesheets are approved.
  • Invoice system is integrated with deliverables or timesheets.
  • Easy to submit invoices for specific projects.
  • Join multiple timesheet payments into a single invoice for customers.

Milestones made Ezy for everyone.


1. Place a bid, submit a proposal, duration, and milestones for each task to have clear communication and prevent any misunderstandings later.

2. Specify the cost of each milestone in the system. This ensures freelancers don’t have to wait until the entire project is delivered to be paid.


1. See a list of all the bidders/freelancers under the Proposals tab in the Bidding panel. Customers can also filter these profiles by reviews, bid amount, online ratings, testimonials, online bidders, and more.

2. Rate or hide the requests. They can click the Award button if they like to recruit freelancers.They can also chat with the freelancer to share the specific job details about the project.

3. Once a decision has been made on a freelancer, the job poster will be prompted to deposit payment for Project Milestone, which will then be received by the freelancer once the milestones have completed.