Freelancing and working while quarantined

Working from home can be challenging, and even more so now with schools and offices being closed due to COVID-19. The closures have created additional distractions and constraints on time for everyone in the world as people adjust to the changed daily routines and disruptions to regular life. As most experts will say, a schedule is key. But, with younger kids, schedules become hard to follow and implement. There are many methods that help you manage your schedule during these trying times, and there are many experts weighing in on time management in this new dynamic.

This has fundamentally changed the way we work. In this new world, everyone understands people are doing the best they can with their circumstances, but this can still be frustrating to employers and employees as business needs and goals remain unchanged. Deadlines have not changed. Freelancing offers a unique advantage to freelancers and companies alike.

For a freelancer, it allows you to set your own schedule which can be highly beneficial in these shelter at home times. You, as a freelancer, can choose which projects to take on, how many to take on, and set deadlines for these projects based on your constraints and skills. This way you are being selective about the work and can deliver high quality results.

For a company or business, freelancing gives you the ability to plan your projects and resources in a way that creates a balance between needs and timelines. As a business, you can prioritize the projects that are of utmost priority, find the freelancers with the skillsets and availability that match your timelines, and end with successful results.

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