Getting hired as a freelancer

How do I find projects, market myself, and get hired? These are the most important questions to answer as a freelancer. Freelancers have the additional onus of being their own recruiter and marketer. The responsibility of finding projects, marketing your skills and getting hired all fall on the freelancer themselves. Your profile as a freelancer should be true to your skill set and at the same time, be broad enough to get noticed by potential companies and businesses.

It is without a doubt a very competitive market. With unemployment rates at the highest in history, it is even more important to showcase your skills in a way that gives you the highest chance of success. Find the projects that are being posted and make sure your profile has the skills that are being asked for as sometimes this can simply be the terminology being used. Create and market your content using social media. Make your work visible and searchable.

In addition to showcasing your existing skills, it is important to continue growing your skill-sets even if that means simply working on personal projects. This still allows you to stay fresh on your skills and have new additions to your portfolio which will in turn aid in showcasing your skills. EZYFreelance offers you an easy to use platform to create profiles and get noticed by companies and businesses.

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