How we make freelancing EZY!

EZY Freelance is not the only online freelancing platform or job board out there. Freelancing can be the best source of flexible jobs for working professionals in various lines of work: writing, coding, editing, to name a few.

There is more than one reason why work flexibility is wonderful, but among the most compelling is that it has something to offer everyone – working parents, millennials, and retirees are just subgroups of a much broader coalition of people who understand why flexible work is important.

EZY Freelance has integrated features which are beneficial for both freelancers and companies.

Some of the features that make Freelancing EZY with us are:

1. Built-in task level management: Managing a job by creating milestone based deliverables and creating individual tasks makes each milestone easy to manage and track. Task level management gives the ability to manage your job as it progresses through a series of tasks, and you can make adjustments along the way to ensure the end deliverable will be satisfactory to both parties.

2. Deliverable management: Manage your job with the tools and skills of a professional project manager. This is one of the many Value Added Services we offer to our customers and freelancers.

3. Timesheets and Invoices: With EZY’s built-in timesheet functions, it makes it easier for both customers and freelancers. You can spend time focusing on the job, and make it easier to submit/review/approve timesheets and invoices.

There are people who want to do freelance work, and there are people who need jobs done, but how do they find each other? EZY Freelance can serve as your single point of contact. Let us do the hard work so you can focus on your business or career.

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