Mentoring helps Freelancers

Freelancing has many perks and can be so freeing and fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. In fact, anyone who does freelance work for a living will be quick to tell you that it can be downright hard at times.

No, it’s not all about working on passion projects in the comfort of your pajamas. A successful freelancer also needs to know how to be their own sales person, marketing department, accountant, human resources team, legal advisor, and so much more. Whether it is about picking your niche or nurturing your network from the very start, figuring out everything on your own is next to impossible.

You’re not alone! We have some tips for you!

1. Think about your current network.

Regardless of industry, you want your freelance mentor to be someone who’s more experienced than you. Ask yourself: is there somebody you already admire that you could approach about mentoring you? Perhaps you’ve seen their byline on a number of articles you loved. Or, maybe you know through other sources that they are a really established, well-known, and respected web designer, and you’ve been following his work for a while. Freelancing is competitive, but it’s also a fairly tight-knit community. So, if there’s somebody out there who has already impressed you with their freelance know-how, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

2. Have a second opinion.

As a freelancer, innovation is your second nature. Especially when starting out your career, there will be a lot of new situations that require you to make a decision. While trusting your gut instincts or evaluating pros and cons can often lead you to the right solution, having a second opinion is just as valuable. And if that opinion comes from someone who has already experienced what you’re going through, then lean into their experience!

3. Don’t limit yourself.

It is an advantage to have a mentor in the same location and also in the same profession. But, don’t limit yourself to those rules. With the capabilities of technology today, your own mentor could be across the world without it causing any issues. You could email or even video chat and still get the same benefits of that mentor and mentee relationship. Additionally, consider someone who might not be in the exact same field as you. All freelancers deal with a lot of the same challenges that aren’t limited to a certain skill set.

4. Leverage your web of professional contacts.

Are you putting in the effort to scour and leverage your web of professional contacts—and yet still coming up empty-handed in your search for a mentor? It’s time to put yourself out there. Join some local networking organizations or LinkedIn groups dedicated to freelancing in particular. Even interacting with your school’s alumni association can turn up some worthy sources. You won’t find a mentor by sitting and hoping that one turns up. So, if you aren’t finding what you’re looking for, you’re going to have to put in the effort and time! Despite the fact that you’ll be the one doing the majority of the learning, it can still be mutually beneficial.

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