Overcoming hurdles faced by freelancers

Being a Freelancer is a great way to turn your talent or hobby into a source of income. You have the liberty to apply for the jobs that you like or have the skills for. The positives that come with being a freelancer have been extolled in many blogs and by many professionals who are currently freelancing. No doubt that these positive reasons can influence your own decision to quit your full-time job to become a freelancer, or pursue freelancing part-time.

What we often forget about are the issues that can also present themselves to freelancers that those in a full-time role do not experience. Let’s talk about a few of these issues and what some potential resolutions could be.

Meeting unrealistic demands

Not every client will be reasonable when it comes to what they demand of you. This is especially true if you are just entering the world of freelancing and are not experienced at managing client expectations. To manage expectations, it is important you set clear outlines of what you can and cannot do for your client and ensure your client agrees to those terms prior to beginning work. If your client then asks you to step outside of what you have agreed to, you can refer to these outlines to give you direction on how to move forward.

Long hours

There is no guarantee that escaping the daily 9 to 5 will translate to easier working hours, comfortable working conditions, and more agreeable working relationships. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself working longer hours as a freelancer than you did as an employee. Be mindful of the hours you are spending on a project, and set clear guidelines for yourself on working hours and break times. This also ensures you don’t wear yourself down too quickly. This takes self-control, but it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Varied & Cyclical nature of work

Feast or famine is a reality of freelancing, but it does not have to be this way. Use the down times to continue looking for new clients and marketing your services. Simple things such as posting on LinkedIn about being available for project work can help land you a new client. Your life as a freelancer will have its ups and downs. Understanding this prepares you to meet these challenges head on and take advantage of them.

You need to be active in searching for and getting new projects, which can be challenging if there are fewer clients available. Sometimes there is an influx of work and sometimes you have to wait for a couple of weeks or months. Have a plan to handle these ups and downs gracefully so you’re staying productive, and hence happier. 

Ensuring getting paid 

Imagine the scenario where you have delivered your project and are happy that your clients needs have been met. Asking a client for payment can be very awkward, especially if you are relatively inexperienced. Many freelancers send out invoices and move on to the next project expecting payment to come in on time. But business is unpredictable at the best of times, and your client’s viewpoint might differ from your own regarding the work you have delivered for them, to the point where your client isn’t willing to pay you what you agreed. It is helpful to use a portal, such as EZY Freelance for this specific reason. EZY will make sure there are no hassles and that you are paid on time for your work.

Dealing with difficult clients

Freelancing might not be the easiest industry, but it does afford a great deal of variety and the potential to create a business on your own terms. There’s always the drive to find new clients. It is inevitable that you will encounter a client who is disagreeable to work for many reasons. Building rapport may be something that you do naturally with most clients but, there will be times when this is difficult.  Utilizing an in-depth freelance contract can resolve some issues as the client has to sign off first. Again, a freelance portal like EZY Freelance can help! We can make sure all contracts and payments terms are agreed to ahead of time, saving you and the client hassles after work is completed. 

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