Task Level Management

At EZY we bring together Talent + Project Management

When you start a new relationship with a freelancer, how do you know they will deliver the kind of product you expect?

EZY Freelance will help you manage your jobs in a more controlled way to avoid surprises. You can monitor your job step-by-step, through our Task Level management feature to ensure that final deliverable meets the expectations. Get better control on your job with our:

  • Deliverable Management – with our built-in features you will be able to manage your job as professional project manager
  • Built-in Task Level management – classic project management technique, task level management gives ability to manage your job, as it progresses through series of tasks, and you can make any adjustments along the way, and ensure the end Deliverable will be satisfactory to both parties.

For all hourly rated jobs, our built-in Timesheets module helps you to track hours spent on the job, against each task and deliverable. With a simple click of mouse, you will be able to submit it for Customer’s approval. Once timesheets are approved, you will be able to generate an invoice from within the portal, for all the approved timesheets. For Deliverable based projects, you can submit invoices directly based on work completed.

Task Level Management

Keep tabs on the work at each stage of the process. This way you can be confident that the work is on the right track.

Manage Job from your Dashboard, by creating Milestone Deliverables, and create Tasks under each Milestone to further breakdown the work for easy management.

  • Freelancer can submit a completed task for Customer review and seek approval – this process will let you know at every step along the way that Customer and Freelancer on same page.
  • Rest assured your project is on-track – through task level management you will be able to review completion of all tasks, which will indicate the completion of the Deliverable.
  • Payments tied to approvals – Payments are not released unless timesheets and invoices are approved by Customer.

Built-in Timesheets & Invoices

Using EZY portal, there is no need for you to manage your own personal invoicing system or timesheet systems. You can handle all this in one place at EZY, and there is no additional cost for this.

EZY Freelance built in excellent invoicing and timesheet management functionalities that makes life easier for both Customers and Freelancers. This will help you to spend your time focused on the Job, and make it simple to submit/review/approve Timesheets and Invoices.

  • EZY Customers can easily track their job-related timesheets and invoices
  • View and approve all the timesheets from your Freelancers
    • View and approve invoices for each job,
    • Each invoice indicates related job #, whether based on timesheets or deliverables
  • Download and export invoice information for your internal accounting purpose
  • EZY Freelancers can create timesheets and invoices using our built in tools to create & submit timesheets and invoices, saving you the time and hassle of maintaining a separate invoice system.
    • Separate timesheet for each job
    • The system will calculate for you the invoice amount, once you select approved timesheets and provide the agreed hourly rate.
    • Invoice system is integrated with timesheets or Deliverables – easy to submit invoices for specific project.
    • Combine multiple timesheet payments into a single invoice for Customer