The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Freelancer

We would love for you to hire a freelancer. We think that’s such a great idea that we’ve built a platform to assist you in the process. But hiring a freelancer is not the best approach for every situation. There are pros and cons to consider, so let’s discuss a few.

Pro: Freelancers Save You Money

Hiring a freelancer over a full-time employee saves you many thousands of dollars. With freelance work, you’re paying for the end product, not the labor. On our platform, freelancers place bids at a rate they consider reasonable. Even when the bids are high, you’re still likely coming out ahead.

Con: You Don’t Already Have an Established Relationship

When you go to an employee with a task, the two of you know one another. You have an idea how the other works. You know each other’s communication styles. When you outsource to freelancers, you’re starting from square one.

Pro: Freelancers Have Specialized Skills

If you hire a web developer, you’re getting someone whose daily bread and butter is creating websites. When you hire a logo designer, you’re recruiting someone who does design work day in and day out. With the regular need to compete, freelancers aren’t only spending their days developing a skill, they’re also building their competitive edge.

Con: Freelancers Come With Risk

Freelancers begin as a name on a screen. They may have a picture, a bio, or a website. Yet at the end of the day, you don’t know the person whose bid you’ve accepted, and you probably don’t know what work they’ve done in the past. You have to hope they can deliver what you expect in the time frame provided.

Pro: You’re Not Stuck With a Freelancer You Don’t Like

Sometimes you hire an employee that just doesn’t do the job you expect, or you’ve hired someone you like but can’t afford to keep on. In either situation, with a freelancer, you have less of a burden to shoulder. After you’ve paid them once, if you don’t want to hire them again, or you can’t afford to, you don’t have to.

Con: You Must Know Exactly How to Ask for What You Want

As mentioned before, freelancers don’t know you, and they don’t know your business. They don’t have past experience to help them clarify what you want. It can be hard to distill your desires down into a job description. If there’s any miscommunication, then there is a chance that the work they do isn’t the work you expect. You must know how to phrase your expectations in clear and precise language.

We Can Help You Overcome the Cons

If you’re unclear about whether you want to hire a freelancer, we can help you mitigate the risk. With our EZYSourcing model, we can reach out to the freelancers that we’ve already established a relationship with and we can communicate to them what you want. We’ll handle the cons so that you’re left with the pros. Sound good? Reach out to us via our contact page and let’s begin.