Tips to stay motivated while freelancing

Motivation is crucial for any job. As a freelancer, you have more freedom than most traditional employees, but that freedom can turn into a disadvantage pretty quickly because you have to rely on yourself for motivation. If you find yourself postponing that task you have to complete or if you often find yourself lacking energy to complete those tasks, read on. This article presents five tips that will keep you motivated and help you achieve your goals.

1. Enjoy what you do – Simple things like where you physically sit while you work can make a big difference. While laying in bed or sitting on the couch is comfortable, waiting for motivation is not going to help most of the time. Find a comfortable but nice seating with good lighting. Once you write that first line of code or a few words of your article’s title, you have taken the first tiny steps towards your goal and you are likely to keep rolling forward. Motivation comes with action – Sign up with Ezy Freelance today!

2. Break it up – Do you have a big project that will take up a lot of time and resources? It is normal to lose motivation or feel overwhelmed when you have a difficult and long task at hand. Breaking it up into smaller pieces can be extremely helpful. Set up small milestones which take up to an hour and reward yourself for reaching them. Take a fifteen-minute break every time you accomplish another step. But don’t just stay in front of the computer. Instead, use the time to listen to your favorite songs, exercise or just take a short walk. That stimulation will keep you feeling motivated and energetic, ready to take the next step and keep you looking forward to finishing the next milestone and your next break.

3. Be creative with how you find your contacts and your clients – Finding new clients can be a challenge. But once you realize anyone is a potential client, and there are various ways to obtain their contact information, the sky’s the limit. Networking can be an essential way for a freelancer to build a client base. When looking for contacts, one good source is social media. Search platforms such as Twitter can result in a wealth of knowledge. Facebook can also be another way to connect with people. Share your projects online, engage your friends—and friends of friends—about the content you are producing. And make a professional Facebook or LinkedIn page to keep people up to date about your successes and engage the projects you are working on. Ask questions, pose ideas and use it as an extension of the project or article you’re working on.

4. Network with other freelancers – Talking to other freelancers is important because they are facing the same kinds of struggles, and ups and downs you are experiencing. Try to find and join an online or physical group of other freelancers and make bigger connections. Chatting with other people in your industry can help you develop working relationships—and friendships—that will help you in the long-run. You might even find ways of collaborating on projects with other like minded freelancers!

5. Keep on top of your health – General fitness can keep you feeling happy and motivated. Do some light exercises at regular intervals, go to your doctor for regular check ups and keep on top of your diet. A healthy diet and exercise can make a huge difference in your mental well being, which will show in your work. Health, happiness and motivation are inherently connected. The best part is – as a freelancer you have the freedom and flexibility to combine it all.

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