Transition from traditional to virtual job fairs.

Job fairs still play a vital role in the recruitment process. However, the traditional format is time consuming and costly for the clients. That is where virtual job fairs come to the rescue. EZY Freelance provides a platform that can act as a virtual job fair, connecting potential employers and employees. Interested job seekers just have to register, create a profile, and upload their resume.

Virtual fairs serve other benefits as well such as:

  1. Saving time. It enables employers to sift through applications with ease and shorten the recruitment process.
  2. Reducing travel costs. The whole event is hosted online and can be accessed from anywhere. This saves travel costs for both employers and employees, and it provides easy access to applicants globally.
  3. Increasing engagement. Most employers have an option of 1:1 chat with the employees. Applicants can ask questions directly about the role they are interested in without the hassle of scheduling an in-person meeting.
  4. Removing location confines. Virtual job fairs are accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Hence, people living in remote areas can also reap all the benefits of attending a job fair without the confinements of a traditional one.

EZY Freelance provides an excellent platform to enable employers and employees. Register today!