We support our US veterans and Military Spouses

What EZY Freelance Offers US Veterans and Military Spouses

With EZY Freelance, you are not locked in. You can still work elsewhere while using our platform to bring in extra income doing freelance jobs. Or, you can use freelance work as a way to get your foot through the door into a full-time job. There are many reasons to pursue freelance work, whether or not it becomes your primary way to make a living.

Life in the corporate world can be different from the military chain of command, and many have a hard time adopting to it. Freelancing offers a way to focus on the task at hand and gradually get back into civilian work environments. Plus, you can work from anywhere!

EZY Freelance also recognizes the contributions of Military Spouses, who are the backbone of the military community. Because of the difficulties associated with finding sustainable employment, and the constraints they face, working as a freelancer through EZY Freelance, will give them the opportunity to pursue their passion and earn money, from anywhere. EZY Freelance extends the same privileges to Military Spouses, as Veterans – NO registration fee and NO monthly account maintenance fee!

EZY Freelance has received Virginia Values Veterans (V3) certification. V3-certified companies work with the Virginia Department of Veteran Services and other partners to support veterans living throughout the commonwealth.