COVID-19 Update: Today, we find ourselves in an extraordinary situation with COVID-19. In the past few weeks, things have moved rapidly, and this corona virus is affecting all our communities, our families and our very way of life. Our heart goes out to all who are impacted by this pandemic. With so many people losing their livelihood due to this global pandemic, we think we can offer a way to earn money through freelancing, in a secure and reliable way through EZY Freelance. To help all our registered users, and prospective freelancers and employers, EZY Freelance is waiving all monthly account maintenance fee until July 1st, 2020, so it will ease your financial burden and you can freelance with more confidence. We are also appealing to all Employers to hire freelancers through our portal, which is trustworthy, secure, and with enhanced workflow to better control your jobs. Please register yourself for free at and start freelancing to help yourself, and to help others.

We support our US veterans

What EZY Freelance Offers US Veterans

With EZY Freelance, you’re not locked in. You can still do outside work while using our platform to bring in extra income. Or you can use freelance work as a way to get your foot through the door into a full-time job. There are many reasons to pursue freelance work, whether or not it becomes your primary way to make a living.

We understand that life in the corporate world is different from the military chain of command, and many have a hard time adjusting. Freelancing offers a way to focus on the task at hand. Plus you can work from anywhere, with no need to commute.

The EZY Freelance platform is also available to military spouses who struggle to find or keep work for a host of reasons. Having to regularly move from one base to another is a challenge, but you can at least rest knowing you can support your remote freelance customers regardless of where you end up.

EZY Freelance has received Virginia Values Veterans (V3) certification. V3-certified companies work with the Virginia Department of Veteran Services and other partners to support veterans living throughout the commonwealth.

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If you're a veteran-run company, we will offer a discount on the fee you pay to complete a job.

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If you're a veteran signing up on EZY Freelance, we will completely waive the registration fee.

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