What to Look for When Hiring Freelancers

You’ve made the first step of coming to EZY Freelance and posting a job, but which freelancer do you pick for the job?

Hiring a freelancer is different from hiring a new employee. Here are four tips to keep in mind.

1. Check The Freelancer’s Profile

Check out the freelancer’s profile. Have they taken the time to fill it out? Have they posted a picture? These are indicators that the freelancer takes their work seriously.

2. What Are The Freelancer’s Skills?

Now that you’re viewing their profile, does the freelancer have the knowledge to do the work you want to hire them to do? If you need a new website, a web designer who knows HTML and CSS offers more flexibility than one whose experience is limited to WordPress alone.

3. What Do Other Customers Think of The Freelancer?

EZY Freelance gives customers the ability the rate and review the freelancers they’ve hired. If a freelancer has four or five stars, that’s a good sign. Yet even if a freelancer has fewer, a review may highlight why. That freelancer might not have been a good match for a previous customer, but they may be great for you.

4. How Much Does The Freelancer Charge?

Is the freelancer charging a rate you can afford? On the flip side, are they charging too little? Someone with an established work history gives their labor and time a certain value. For quality work, it’s worth paying more.

Don’t Want to Hire Freelancers Directly?

You don’t have to. EZY Freelance can take even this aspect of the job off your hands. With EZYSourcing, EZY Freelance will vet and hire candidates on your behalf. Just reach out via our contact page to get started