Why Freelance portals?

Why Freelance portals?

Freelancers have the ability to work flexible hours. However, there are some major challenges in the freelancing world that need to be considered. We are going to explore some of the common problems that freelancers face and some major reasons why freelancing portals provide the best options.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is an umbrella term applied to a variety of projects such as content generation, SEO, graphic design, website design and other tasks like app creation. These projects can be completed by freelancers on a contract or project basis, with pre-arranged payment terms.

Freelancers have the flexibility, not only in their hours, but also in working on multiple projects with multiple clients. They also have the freedom to define their payment terms and contracts. Now that we have a general idea about freelancing,  let us walk through some major pitfalls of finding freelance projects on social media.

Freelancing portals versus social media.

Freelancing work can be found through various avenues, primarily through freelance portals or through other social media channels. There are a few stark differences between the two that freelancers should be aware of.


Freelancing Portals Finding projects on social media
Security Dedicated security features that guarantee safety of your identity and work. Prevalent for fraud due to the lack of trust with the corresponding party.
Quality Larger, more reliable clients prefer to hire freelancers from dedicated portals with a guarantee for quality work and clear communication. In the first quarter of 2020 alone, Facebook removed around 2.2 billion fake accounts from its platform, doubled from its previous quarter.
Guarantee Payments are guaranteed to ensure freelancers are rewarded for their work. No transparency, and also due to the chance of fraud, it further increases risk of non-payment.
Convenience Freelancers and Customers can communicate and engage through a unified portal to reduce risks and increase productivity. Requires additional effort to find and source projects or freelancers, with a lot of additional risk.

The choice is clear. Use a freelancing portal to not only reduce risk, but also increase your chances of finding and completing projects successfully. EZYFreelance provides all these services in an easy-to-use web portal. Register today! www.ezyfreelance.com