Why Freelancing and Who is a freelancer?

One cannot capture more eloquently, the very essence of human spirit than words the founding father’s enshrined into the US constitution – life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. And truth be told, for millennia, human-kind has persevered and attempted all possible avenues towards this pursuit. In today’s hyper-connected, Wi-Fi, satellite & Internet-of-Things driven world, we have mobility but lack freedom, we have instant gratification yet lack fulfillment, we have the most sophisticated tools ever built for expression, yet subdued. We live in very interesting times indeed. And the quest continues…..

Most of us love doing something that is very personal and fulfilling in addition to our everyday obligations in our profession, personal relationships and daily dealings, which, to be clear are extremely important and vital contributions and the very fabric of society. When we engage in this “deeply personal thing”, it makes us relax; in fact, it does not seem like work, encumbrance or an obligation at all. Many a time we do this passionate stuff in our free time and (often incorrectly) call it our “Hobby”. If we delve further and look at the person in the mirror to reflect, many of us may even feel that they are executing their day job because there are no other options. When such effort becomes an obligation, often there is very little zeal or enthusiasm. We “show-up” and appear to slog the whole day just to make a goal or objective we may not fully understand, appreciate or even agree with. But we do it because it allows us to meet our ends, support our family and increasingly, to get our insurance coverage and such.

Amongst us there are a few individuals who are rebellious and self-confident to live their lives at their own terms. They have struck a balance between their work and personal needs – such as maximizing family ties or personal interests. For them quality time in all their walks of life seems to be important. Still others go for a regular job to meet their day to day needs and then spend the rest of their time doing something they love and consider an attribute of fulfillment. When this passion intersects with fulfilling a need someone else has and is willing to pay a price for the value, we start to realize the potential of a mutually beneficial transaction. These passionate people meeting the marketplace has given rise to an alternative “on-demand” economy and we have coined the terms “gig” and “Freelancers”. A freelancer will accept and execute a gig whether they have a traditional” day” job and most importantly, they certainly start living their passion.

We have seen examples of freelancers start their “second shift” to unwind, destress and find joy, deliver a win-win and get compensated for the effort. Others have decided this is the only way they will harmonize their life’s needs and passion. This brand of fervent workers are evolving a new class of “Professional Freelancers”. As we look around us and see the millennials, the mature achievers and certainly the up and coming Gen Z, albeit for different reasons, each generation is interested in maximizing their potential, meeting their needs & wants through such creative arrangement. Its estimated the market size is about 53 million individuals in a $1.3 trillion economy. Creating a platform to connect talent & demand while providing the necessary infrastructure and value added-services in a transparent and easy to use and execute framework and workflow is the opportunity in front of the industry.

We launched this beautiful website with passion for passionate workers to reach out to the world with their strength. This, while also protecting the needs and interests of those seeking help and posting their projects. Yes, we have a team of wonderful writers, digital marketing experts, lawyers, web developers, instructors, designers, experts from the IT world to handler your projects in the most professional way as any traditional workforce. The only difference is you can rest assured your work is being done by a very self-confident, passionate who believes in himself and has pride in what he will deliver!

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