Why You Need to Hire a Freelancer

You run a small business or startup. Some months are tight. Or you are big company, where you cannot move things fast. Some months are tighter. Why should you think about hiring a freelancer?

Well, that’s precisely the reason you should. Hiring a new employee takes time and resources. You may not have the time to vet a candidate as thoroughly as needed. You may not have the bandwidth.

Even if you can be sure they’re qualified, do you need to take on all the overhead of bringing on a new employee to perform a duty that isn’t part of your company’s main focus?

Maybe your margins aren’t so tight. You’re a medium sized company with plenty of room for growth. You still want to manage that growth carefully. Why have HR field candidates to hire a new employee for the kind of work you only need done once or twice a year?

On our platform, you can find qualified freelancers that will deliver the product you want for a one-time fee. You’re looking at paying hundreds of dollars rather than tens of thousands.

Or with our EZYSourcing option, you can let us handle the process of finding and communicating with freelancers for you. Plus, if you need someone to maintain your website on an ongoing basis, that’s a Value Added Service that we can provide.

Going with a freelancer doesn’t mean you lose out on the familiarity that can come from having an employee on hand. You’re welcome to offer jobs to the same freelancer as needed, so you’re consistently working with someone who knows your expectations. You can build a working relationship that enables both of you to succeed.

You can exchange messages back and forth without leaving our site. But if you rather pick up the phone, or fire up a video chat, we’re not stopping you. Engage with freelancers in the way you feel most comfortable.

The ability to connect with freelancers enables small businesses to compete at a level they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. You don’t need to be quick on a keyboard to send out captivating, non-generic promotional materials. There’s someone out there waiting to help you tell your story. Let us help you find them.

No matter your need, we’re here for you. As our site grows, we will expand beyond digital services to include all kinds of freelance work. There are plenty of jobs that need doing and plenty of people ready to do them. Let’s all work together and do great things.